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Contact Les Équipements J V C Inc in Chibougamau

Les Équipements J V C Inc has a fleet of 36 vans, surveying equipment and several other high-performance vehicles and equipment. Contact us today to take advantage of our equipment and expertise.


880, Perreault Street

Chibougamau, (QC), G8P 2K3

F | 418 748-4278


We are looking for talented people to join our team. Send us your application today to boost your career!

Réal Migneault, Vice-President Superintendent

Danny Fradette, Financial Controller, Internal Auditor ISO & SST

Alain Coulombe, Ing. Project Manager

Daniel Migneault, Care & Maintenance Manager

Audrey Migneault, Looper & Volumetry

Carl Claveau, Tech. Project Manager & Sponsor