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Environmental protection is a natural part of the sustainable development approach at Les Équipements J V C. 

Our experts maintain environmental protection as one of their priorities on the construction site. We are committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations and to using working methods that minimize environmental impacts.

Our specialists have the expertise and specialized equipment to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an accidental spill.

Other Measures

Dispose of contaminants in accordance with current regulations and best practices; the maximum storage period on the work site is 180 days.

The transport and disposal of recovered materials is carried out by duly authorized companies; if necessary, companies recovering hazardous products will be contacted as soon as possible. The coordination and follow-up of their interventions will be ensured on site in order to promote rapid execution.

Benefit from our green solutions at Les Équipements J V C Inc – contact our specialists today.

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